Have you found yourself walking down the grocery aisle and a headline on a magazine catches your eye that says, " The Perfect Beach Body Meal Plan"? Or maybe you were just surfing the internet looking for answers on how to shed the inches off your waist. 

At this point your frustrated because you cut out all of your favorite cheat meals like pizza, oreos, burgers and pancakes. Sorry, those might just be my favorite cheat meals :-). 

But back to the point, your pissed because you're eating healthy but the results are not showing in the mirror. WHAT GIVES!!

You're not alone. There are several people that eat healthy but yet can't seem to crack the code. 

By now i'm sure you've learned, its not about counting calories or working out everyday so that you can have cheat meals everyday.

If you haven't, i'm here to tell you that it does't work that way. 

Understanding how many calories you are eating is a core principle to achieve your best body. However, it's not the only thing. There are other factors that come into play. You may have heard the term "macros" being thrown around. Basically, your macros are the proteins, carbs, and fats that you eat. 

Here are the things you want to consider if you're trying to achieve your best body going into 2018. 

  • Keep it simple. Focus on the portion size per meal. DON'T get into the counting macros craze. It doesn't have to be that strict.
  • Eat lean protein. Yes, LEAN PROTEIN! It makes a big difference.
  • If you know you're short on time, prep a few meals so you don't fall off the wagon.
  • Go for whole foods over processed foods.
  • Nutrition is 75% of reaching your best body but i'm sure you don't want a 75% body. You want the TOTAL PACKAGE. That means you're going to have to do BOTH strength and endurance training. Definitely if you want muscle tone.
  • Water Intake: Drink at least half of your body weight on a daily basis. 
  • Your stomach only recognizes VOLUME. Fill it up with protein and plenty veggies. 
  • Adjust your carb intake based on your goals and daily workload (workout intensity).

Just remember there are several METHODS to getting in shape but, the PRINCIPLES never change. Keep it simple and enjoy the process.