Today I received the golden question in my Facebook inbox.

She seemed to very eager for the answers. 

Have you experienced a time when someone asked you a question, followed by another question, followed by the results they're looking for?

Normally, you'd get the feeling that they are really looking for answers. They're tired of searching up and down the internet and listening to he say she say.

I'm sure she has searched high and low for the answers to the big question. 

Is 3500 calories equal to 1 pound of fat? Or is that a myth?

Yes, thats the big question.

She followed that with, "so if you cut 300 calories from your diet, and burn 200 calories a day, would you for sure lose one pound a week?

Maybe you've had the same question lingering in your mind. Maybe you've tried to apply the science of calorie counting. 

How did it turn out?

Did you see the results you were looking for? Or did you find yourself so caught up into counting and burning calories, you felt like you should be getting paid for it.

I mean who really wants to have a "healthy lifestyle" of counting calories everyday? 

Ding ding ding!!! Not me!

So lets cut to the chase.

The answer to her question, "is 3500 calories equal to 1 pound of fat?" 

Yes, that is correct. 

Most people have a base understanding of how to add and subtract.

Which leads us to think, why are people still over weight, can't lose their love handles, and have low energy?

Do any of those apply to you?

I've done hundreds of consultations with people that want to lose 20, 30, 50 plus pounds but yet tell me that they eat healthy.

Well the truth is, the social norm of eating healthy is not getting the job done for thousands of people. So don't feel alone.

Here's why, people are eating socially approved healthy options like fruit smoothies, v8 splash, nutrigrain bars, staying away from fast food, counting calories, coffee with caramel and cream, etc. 

Yes, certain options are healthier than others. But, if you're seeking advice on how to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, you must focus on these principles. 

  • Eat food that have a low glycemic index.
  • Develop a lean food only mind-set
  • Greens daily.
  • Healthy fats are your friends. (Eat them within reason. Don't over eat healthy fats. The calories add up quick.)

One principle I want you to focus on in particular is eating foods with low glycemic index. High glycemic foods and beverages cause your pancreas to produce insulin. 

 Your pancreas functions by producing insulin, enzymes and important hormones that help with breaking down food and digestion.

This also includes the production of glucose into the blood stream. 

I won't get too scientific but, your body CANNOT get in a fat burning state if your body is constantly producing insulin. You will more than likely gain weight due to your blood sugar levels always being elevated. This constant action overtime is what causes metabolic diseases such as type ll diabetes. Why, because you are know longer insulin sensitive and your pancreas is working improperly.

I say all of this to say, have a lifestyle that allows your pancreas to rest. Followed by, your body using the stored fat as energy. 

Wow! Impressive huh? 

This information is very powerful if applied as a "lifestyle" rather than a quick fix.

I rather live a lifestyle built around the principles above, rather than a lifestyle counting macros and calories. 

Apply these core principles and experience "the true healthy lifestyle".

Hope you enjoyed the read. 

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thanks. ;)

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